Signs that You are going from Casual Dating to Relationship

Signs that You are going from Casual Dating to Relationship: There are instances when dating someone isn’t worth the time and effort you put into it. Though it’s tempting to believe that things will remain the same or even improve, you wind up setting yourself up for failure when you go from dating to being “in a relationship.”

In any case, if you’re in a relationship, you should consider yourself fortunate if everything goes well. But things will change, and you will have to put some work into your partnership. 

It’s a straightforward rule: a lottery player must purchase a ticket in order to be eligible to win the jackpot.

This reasoning carries over when you go from dating to a relationship. Your commitment, hard work, enthusiasm, teamwork, and occasionally the capacity to simultaneously play the roles of best friend, fortune teller, and self-psychologist are all necessary for this process. 

Strange, eh?  

How Many Dates Remain Till Your Union Is Formally Formed? 

This question really has no definitive solution because every individual and partnership is unique. While some people prefer to dive in headfirst, others prefer to take their time.

In any case, most people wait to officially declare their love until after at least a few dates have been had. Since you hardly know each other, it seems a little crazy to decide to commit to a relationship after just one or two dates.

Thus, generally speaking, you go on dates, make the decision to be exclusive, and then decide to commit to a relationship. While not all couples adhere to this rule, the majority do.

undesirable circumstances as you enter a partnership

It’s not totally true, despite what you might believe, that the transition from dating to a relationship is easy because nothing much changes.

It will be a rocky journey with sporadic stops due to uncertainty. Thus, prior to making the move, these are the top five scenarios you might encounter:

1. No longer so carefree

It was acceptable to, as they say, “play it by ear” when you were first dating. You may go on a date today and then decide the following day not to speak. 

These kinds of circumstances, where you are free to behave as you like as a single person but privately hope there’s someone who cares enough about you to be consistent, are common in the dating game.

However, as soon as you enter a relationship, you have an obligation to support your partner more regularly. You’re already committed to someone, thus you’re no longer free and unmarried.

Even if it’s not as important as marriage, your significant other still has a right to know about your whereabouts in a relationship. 

Knowing that you can always call out to your spouse and they will return the favor whenever you need them makes you feel good.

However, there are situations where the constant need to inform your significant other might feel oppressive, and for some, it’s a lot more work than the casual relationship you once had.

2. Is having sex a requirement?

Since you know that your relationship isn’t serious and that you’re simply dating, you don’t worry too much about engaging in sexual activity when you’re dating. 

However, many believe that sex becomes important in relationships because it somehow unites the two people.

To be honest, there is no connection between having sex and being in a relationship. It matters whether you’re prepared for a sexually intimate relationship with your spouse. Regretfully, no one can advise you on whether or not it is appropriate to have sex. It is your responsibility.

The only drawback is that you can believe that having sex is finally necessary or that it’s the “right” time when you go from dating to a relationship. 

You will be deeply let down if you believe that by having sex, you will accomplish anything.

Only engage in sexual activity when it’s right for you. Just because you are in a relationship with someone does not mean you have to get down on your knees and go to bed with them.

3. Getting to know the parents

Meeting your partner’s parents has, regrettably, become the standard when you’re dating, but not when you’re just dating. 

Many people experience random panic attacks. But let’s face it—you’re not enlisting in the army—you’re just meeting their parents!

While some partners won’t make you eat supper with their families, others will insist that you meet their parents in order to conduct a “further evaluation.”

There were just the two of you and possibly a few close friends when you first started dating. But it quickly turns into a family affair when parents are involved.

You meet extended family, receive invitations to family gatherings, and receive friend requests from the parents of your significant other.

It feels like you’ve acquired a ton of new acquaintances to your social network only by virtue of your relationship with one of their relatives.

4. Goals, interests, and the compromises they require

Sometimes, despite how calm your partner may have been about what you do, their real feelings and personalities won’t come out until after you’ve entered a relationship. 

Why? Since you two are already fairly attached to each other, you wouldn’t end things because of something as little as their small-minded jealously, disregard for your career, or disdain for your pet cat, would you?

Unfortunately, once you enter a committed relationship, the best foot forward phase comes to an end.

5. All of a sudden, people can speak

Everyone assumes that just because you’re not official, you’re not serious enough when you’re first dating. However, as soon as you enter an official partnership, everyone’s viewpoints become important. 

Many individuals will comment on your relationship with their *sometimes unjustified* two cents.

Your significant other’s occupation, earnings, family history, marital philosophy, and even their pet are suddenly grounds for investigation.

Even though the folks voicing their opinions might just have your best interests in mind, it can still be quite irksome. 

Indicators That A Casual Date Is Developing Into A Committed Commitment

Even while the only surefire method to find out if you two will end up in a committed relationship is for one of you to ask the other out, there are a few warning signals you should watch out for to avoid being taken by surprise.

1. No uncomfortable Quiets

It may be the most exaggerated rationale of all, but it is real. It’s a positive indicator when you meet someone who adds excitement and enthusiasm to every chat.

Nothing ought to be uncomfortable. In addition, the quiet is actually cozy when there are gaps in the dialogue. 

2. You two laugh together just by being yourself.

This suggests that you two are compatible, have a sense of humor in common, and are able to make each other laugh in addition to suggesting that you both feel at ease enough to not put on a show.

3. Genuine interest is present on both sides.

Yes, Captain Obvious, but a lot of people don’t remember how this feels. You get jaded after dating for some time.

Perhaps it has been a while since you shown true interest. Or perhaps that someone special is expressing interest, but you’re not convinced because nothing seems to be working out for you. [Read: 16 unmistakable clues to your current relationship or dating status!

Once you’ve gotten over the courteous, “let me make the most of this and not see them again after tonight” stage, you’ll be able to see that your true motivation is genuine interest rather than politeness.

4. Every time you two plan a new date,

Another excellent indication that you’re transitioning from dating to a relationship is this.

It’s a very positive sign if you two have gone on multiple dates and you always make plans for the next time. 

If not, there’s no need to worry. It’s usually just a matter of timing. Today’s world is busy for everyone.

A strong indication that things are moving toward a serious relationship is if the two of you communicate after dates and arrange to get out again.

Saying something straightforward like, “Hey, my work schedule is crazy this week, but if I get an opening, can I see you again?” is even better. 

5. Something strange and more comfortable than butterflies is there.

It’s a good indication that things are going well if, despite your initial nervousness, you two consistently manage to settle into a strange, comfortable condition as the evening wears on.

Never assume that just because you two get along well and discuss a wide range of subjects, you two are friends. It’s probably a lot, lot more than that.

6. The cliche “there are no phones”

To put it plainly, phones are now a need for everyone. 

It is the highest compliment if you are both so enthralled with one another that you put down your phones and converse. It all depends on what you find more entertaining. Additionally, you both win.

7. Even if you’re in the most interesting area or doing the most exciting thing, your interest in each other remains higher

It may seem difficult, but if you discover the perfect person, you will still be more interested in what the other has to say even if a man on fire is running about you.

Either way, you’re either not seeing the outside world, or you’re both taking in all that’s around you. You haven’t mentioned it yet, but you both want to move from dating to a relationship. [See also: Relationship benchmarks: 15 noteworthy dating experiences you should be proud of]

8. Though evident, the flirtation is not offensive.

Despite popular belief, flirtation need not necessarily be blatantly explicit and sexual.

Innocently enough, flirting should begin as an unintentional consequence of desire. It may eventually intensify into a sexual tension in which you both find yourself craving each other.

It’s likely that you two are in it for the long run if that evolution has occurred over the course of a few dates. [Read: 34 subliminal clues that indicate a person is flirting with you: Friendly vs. flirtatious]

If your flirting swiftly turns into a sexual encounter, it could indicate that one or both of you are not interested in forming a relationship—just getting laid.

9. When you’re together, your body language changes

One’s body language can reveal a lot about them. You could initially be acutely aware of your posture and hand placement. But eventually, you might notice that you’re adopting a more relaxed posture.

After you move past the comfortable stance, you’ll notice that you’re drawn to one another, nudging each other’s thighs in different places and brushing fingers here and there. [Read: 58 Male and Female Body Language Attraction Signs and How to Interpret and Use Them]

These preliminary steps can lead to a more substantial commitment if they are comfortable.

10. Everyone in your vicinity becomes uncomfortable.

The finest justification in the world is this. At some point during the night, if you are fortunate enough to make friends, you should both cause discomfort for someone, if not everyone.

Perhaps it’s because you two find a quiet part of the room to chat, or perhaps it’s because you share your first kiss in front of everyone. [Read: 26 symptoms you’re being stashed in a relationship, what to do about it, and what constitutes stashing]

Perhaps everything feels right, the tension is severable with a knife, but some unfortunate soul is with you, uncomfortable by your overt attraction to one another.

11. You communicate clearly.

It may surprise you to learn that most people struggle with communication. Although they may believe they are, their perception of their abilities is inflated.

It is therefore encouraging if you feel that you two can discuss anything. 

A healthy relationship is more likely to be maintained when there is effective communication between the two of you, regardless of how you choose to solve difficulties or hear each other out.

12. You two have completely integrated one another into your life.

Both of you and them have already met their families and friends. Furthermore, you two are beginning to establish a schedule and see each other frequently.

You want to be considerate to each other and give them advance notice of any plans you make separately, so you might even start checking in with each other before doing so. 

Therefore, you are most likely transitioning from dating to a relationship if you are truly beginning to feel like a more significant part of each other’s lives.

13. You two can get through hardship and be honest with one another.

There may have been a quarrel or fight between you already. In that case, be calm. All relationships inevitably experience conflict.

You can therefore be in a strong relationship if you have had a few arguments and have grown from them. 

Better yet, it’s a positive indication if neither of you feels compelled to hide your true feelings for one another or for anything else.

14. You sense being understood.

Empathy for one another is a necessary component of transitioning from dating to a relationship and maintaining effective communication. The capacity to place oneself in another person’s shoes and view circumstances from their point of view is known as empathy. not only your personal.

Hence, you may be transitioning from dating to a relationship if you can convey your thoughts to your spouse and they show you empathy. 

Empathy is a major sign that the two of you are a good fit, whether or not you have yet demonstrated it.

How to go from casual dating to a relationship

How do you truly go from dating to a relationship now that you are aware of the telltale signs? Here are some recommendations that you should heed:

1. Don’t go to DTR right now.

There’s no need to define the relationship right away. Though it’s definitely advisable to take your time, it’s possible that you are quite enthused about this person. [Read: Define the Relationship: 30 Indices That It’s Time to End the Relationship and How to Discuss It]

You don’t really know each other that well yet if you rush in too quickly, which is the reason for it. Thus, go slowly.

2. Bring it up subtly

It’s not desirable to be clingy and needy while transitioning from dating to a relationship. That will just cause your lover to become more distant. Thus, you must maintain your composure. Discuss it in a lighthearted and casual manner, and accept any response you receive from them.

3. To connect, unplug.

Every now and again, venture a little outside of your comfort zone. Take a look at a craft beer festival or go zip lining, for instance. Engaging in an activity that deviates from your routine will strengthen your relationship and bring you closer.

4. Let your selfless side shine

Nobody desires a connection with a self-centered individual. Thus, be sure to communicate to your partner how much you value their needs, wishes, and feelings. Be unselfish and show them love by doing thoughtful gestures. But be careful—don’t act like a doormat.

5. Preserve your independence—as well as theirs.

You don’t have to spend all of your time with this individual just because you want to be in a relationship. [Read: Inspiring measures to improve your love and be independent in a relationship]

That’s never healthy, in actuality. Each of you ought to lead a separate life. Go out with your pals and occasionally take time for yourself.

6. Be a caring person.

You will need to work more to convey your partner that you are interested in them if you are a hard-to-read stoic. If they didn’t think you cared, why would they want to be in a relationship with you? So, share your emotions and have courage.

While finding “the one” and going on dates might seem like such a chore, getting into a relationship and staying in it can occasionally be just as difficult. Simply take it gradually and give yourself some time to get used to the new routine.

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