Social Media Marketing Degree 2024

Social Media Marketing Degree in USA: Social media marketing in particular, as well as digital marketing in general, have become popular. Due to the growing digitization of marketing activities, the field of social media marketing is expanding. Online Social Media Marketing Degrees are rapidly being offered by colleges and institutions. Digital marketing is another name for social media marketing. A career in marketing management has a high potential for income and a high probability of job development, making it one out of Best Online Degrees to start your career.

Many colleges and institutions offer Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Online Social Media Marketing. Content production, marketing management, and research analytics are just a few of the areas where social media marketing skills are useful. Consider pursuing an online social media marketing degree if you’re seeking for a job that will let you use your creativity and social media skills. This degree is also a strategic option for anyone who is interested in developing their marketing skills to help build and grow a business.

What Is Social Media Marketing ?

Utilizing social media’s enormous capacity for commercial, governmental, and nonprofit organizations’ marketing initiatives is known as social media marketing. Businesses involved in social media include Twitter, Meta (formerly known as Facebook), Snap, MeWe, TikTok, YouTube, Discord, Parler, Substack, Reddit, Quora, and WhatsApp. Students will learn how to become marketing experts in social media techniques for growth and sales through a social media marketing program. Business, marketing, strategic communications, social media measurement, public relations, and interactive advertising are typical subjects covered in courses. Some may additionally contain third-party certifications like Google Analytics.

A Social media marketing Degree Certificate will prepare you for a job as a social media specialist in a variety of fields, including journalism, politics, entertainment, and business. Learning about social media strategy entails becoming familiar with digital analysis and strategic marketing planning as applied marketing science. These courses provide instruction in production techniques, strategic planning, and real-world experience for developing digital strategies.

Key Learnings Of Social Media Marketing Degree

  • Examine the influences on social media.
  • Recognize social media platforms
  • Use social media communication techniques that work.
  • Recognize and evaluate prospects for social media marketing
  • Study the creation and implementation of social media strategy.
  • Learn how to combine traditional and social media.

Benefits and Drawbacks of a Degree in Social Media Marketing 


On the one hand, a degree in social media marketing will provide you with a solid foundation, enabling you to:

  • Write reports, track performance data, and develop strategic plans.
  • Conduct personal investigation (online).
  • Understand and produce copy (at the college level).
  • Show determination and “staying power” (because you’ve been doing it for four years now).
  • Show proof that you finished an internship.


However, a degree in social media marketing might not:

  • Keep up with the quick changes in technology, such as new platforms, features, trends, and memes.
  • Give sufficient on-the-job experience.

Skills You Will Develop With a Social Media Degree

Teachers for the 120-credit program are seasoned professionals with in-depth knowledge of the rapidly changing field of social media. This program’s coursework teaches digital media design across the whole production cycle, including strategic planning, identifying the target audience, producing infographics, producing photographic and video imagery, and writing copy for both short- and long-form digital formats. Additionally, students will learn how to create social media calendars, generate engagement, employ efficient research techniques, use industry-standard data reporting tools, and assess the results. All participants in this program must pass the following courses in order to graduate:

  • Social media networks
  • Analyzing social media data
  • Events, entertainment, and sports on social media
  • Managing one’s reputation on social media
  • Copywriting for advertising
  • Journalistic multi-media in the twenty-first century
  • Video and photography for social media
  • Production processes

How Long Does it Take to Earn an Online Degree in Social Media Marketing?

A 16-week semester with full-time enrollment will typically result in a 4-year bachelor’s degree completion period.Some online marketing degree programs provide terms that are 6 to 8 weeks long. Attending a program with 8 week semesters can frequently enable you to finish in less time if you decide to remain enrolled year-round and full-time. 

On the other hand, while taking classes part-time may help you manage your many obligations, it can frequently delay the completion of your degree.

What You Can Do With a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Media

Graduates of GCU’s Bachelor of Arts in Social Media program are qualified for jobs in journalism, public relations, marketing, advertising, and digital media. Graduates may create their own businesses or work for government organizations, corporations, start-ups, or small businesses. Graduates of the program frequently go on to:

  • Content manager
  • Digital creativity expert
  • Coordinator of digital media
  • Social media content coordinator and digital media designer
  • Creator of social media content
  • Designers of social media, editors of social media, managers of social media, and producers of social media
  • Specialized in social media

Admissions Requirements for Online Social Media Marketing Degree

The following are some usual prerequisites for enrollment in an online Degree Program In Social Media Marketing:

  • SAT or ACT results (only some schools require them)
  • Equivalent to a high school diploma or GED
  • Official transcripts showing a minimum average GPA of 2.5
  • Application document and possible cost

 You might also be required to submit additional materials, including letters of recommendation or personal essays, in addition to meeting these requirements. Because each institution will have different requirements, it is wise to check the precise admission requirements for the institutions you are interested in.

Two Methods for Learning Social Media Marketing

1. Learning Social Media Marketing from a University

The top academic achievement is receiving a Social Media Marketing Degree from a university. Today, a lot of universities offer both on-campus and online courses so that you can customize your education to meet your needs. 

Bachelor’s Degree courses

Sr. No.Name of CoursesUniversity NameMedium
1.Bachelor of Science in Social Media and Digital Content StrategyLindenwood University(Online)
2.Bachelor of Science in Social Media Marketing Point University (Online)
3.Bachelor of Science in Marketing: Social Media MarketingSouthern New Hampshire University (SNHU) (Online)
4.Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing and Social MediaJohnson & Wales University (Online or On-Campus)
5.Bachelor of Science in Social Media ManagementArkansas State University (Online)(Online)
6.Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies: Internet & Social MediaRegent University (Online or On-Campus)

Master’s Degree Courses

Sr. No..Name of CoursesUniversity NameMedium
1.Master of Arts in Mass Communication with a concentration in Social Media University of Florida(Online)
2.Master of Arts in Communication Management: Marketing CommunicationUniversity College, University of Denver (Online)

2. Learning Social Media Marketing Course Offered by Online Platforms

In addition to colleges, a number of online education sites provide certificates and courses in social media marketing. If you want to add a social media qualification to your resume without devoting four years to a bachelor’s program, these courses are perfect for you.

Sr. No.Name of CoursesPlatform Name
1.Social Media Strategy Certification Course HubSpot
2. Social Media Marketing MasterclassUdemy
3.Professional Certificate in Social Media MarketingIDM (Institute of Digital and Direct Marketing)
4.Facebook Social Media Marketing Professional CertificateCoursera (Offered by Facebook)

Career options after Social Media Marketing Degree

Sr. No.Jobs ProfileIntroductionSalary
1.Specialist in social mediaUsing social media to interact with customers and to produce information to generate interest in brand-related issues is one way to communicate with the public.Median Salary: $46,000
2.Specialist in digital marketingAdvanced knowledge of e-commerce, internet laws, SEO, and preserving brand recognition can help you create efficient digital advertising to advertise items and services.Median Salary:$48,890
3.Social Media ManagerResponsible for developing social media strategy and communicating with customers through social media pages, profiles, and sites. Median Salary: $48,150
4.Communications PlannerImprove the organization’s internal communication plan and public image in front of a variety of audiences.Median Salary:$47,000
5.Brand Manager
Emphasizes enhancing and safeguarding their client’s reputation across all mediaMedian Salary:$90,000


Is a degree in social media marketing worthwhile?

Ans. Yes, for many students, a Degree In Social Media Marketing is worthwhile. Social media marketing-related positions are in high demand. Companies are searching for specialists to assist their product succeed in these digital waters by navigating them.

How do I gain a handle on social media marketing?

Ans. Of course, experience is one of the best ways to learn. Our online social media marketing degree helps students build the skills and experience necessary to launch their careers, which is what makes it unique.

Which social media marketing course is the best?

Ans.  Depending on what you’re searching for, there may be a “best” social media marketing course. Like course’s content current and applicable to the job market today, course assist you in acquiring the skills you need to advance your career in social media marketing, and course content helpful for more strategic approach.

What can a person achieve with a degree in social media marketing?

Ans. Gaining a degree in social media marketing has two advantages. First, it aims to equip you with the broad foundational knowledge you need to succeed in a marketing role; second, it enables you to demonstrate to potential employers that you have the specialized knowledge of social media that will enable you to use those channels to assist organizations in achieving their objectives.

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